Back To Work

My Stumpity Stump is still healing. I had the amputation on April 11th so that’s six weeks tomorrow but I went back to work today. I, like many others can work from home so it’s an easy commute plus all the coffee I want, four furry co-workers and I don’t have to comb my hair.

Although I am working from home I still feel like it’s a milestone in my new way of life. It would and could be easy for me to just stay on short term disability and then go on long term disability but I’m the type of guy who gets in trouble when I have nothing to do. Better off going to work I say. Plus, short term disability was only paying me at fifty percent. I’m married and my wife misses the other fifty percent. 😉

So there I was at seven thirty this morning sitting at my desk at home and I logged into the system. On my work computer after logging in the first thing that comes up us Skype. I figured I’d be the first to log in because nobody starts until eight. I was wrong. (First time that’s happened this year!.) There already was at least twenty people logged in. Within minutes it began. Co-workers noticed that I was online. Slowly people started Skyping me. Most were surprised to see me online. Everyone was happy to see me. Only a few knew what happened to me but everyone else asked. A few I told, others I didn’t but it was nice to get a warm welcome back.

At eight o’clock it was opening time, time to get to work. That’s when it began. Work related questions started coming in. Good to be back! Good to know people still trusted me to know the answers.

All in all it was a good day. It made me feel useful. Going back to work today was good for me, for my mind and for my spirit. Now I have a long weekend!