How did this happen?

My StumpI recently had a below the knee amputation. So as one would expect I am now missing a good portion of my left lower leg and foot. Missing is probably not the best word. It’s not like I got drunk, misplaced it and I can’t find it. No, it was surgically removed in order to stop the massive infection that had spread from my foot to the rest of my body. I had sepsis and it almost killed me. With that said how I ended up here is more complicated.

My daughter suggested I write a blog about my experiences dealing with having a below the knee amputation. She felt doing this could help me get through the post amputation recovery and process. I mulled it over in my mind and decided why not. As I thought about it I realized that I would also need to write about what happened to me that brought me down the road to becoming an amputee. I don’t want people reading this blog and thinking, “Wow, this guy lost his leg, I don’t know how but he lost his leg.” So you will find on this blog posts about both, the eight month ordeal that culminated in my amputation and the journey going forward post surgery to recovery. Posts dealing with my recovery from the amputation will be put under the category of “Post Amputation”. Post dealing with my struggle leading up to the amputation will be put under the category of “Pre-Amputation.”

I will most likely also write posts that have nothing directly or at all with my medical situation.

I sincerely hope that anyone reading this blog will find some value in it and possibly it will help others going through the same situation as me.