I’m Back


CRACK ….. The bat hit the ball. I waited a split second and then ran, I ran as fast as I could trying to get to the spot where I thought the ball would be coming down. As I ran I kept my eye on the ball. It was high in the air and luckily a big puffy white cloud was blocking the sun from blinding me from seeing the ball. I ran and put my glove up. The ball was coming down and I got to the spot where I thought the ball would land.

I caught the ball and ended another inning. This was how I spent my summers as a kid. Running around a dirt park. Running around pretty much everywhere. But that’s not my life anymore.

I began this blog back in 2020 to help me cope with my first amputation and I wrote here until I didn’t. I’m not sure why I stopped. I know I had a lot going on medically at that time.nut here I am writing again. I’m hoping this will help me cope with life as a bilateral below knee amputee.