Is it me?

Is it me or do other people have the same fear as I do? I’m talking about the coronavirus and our future. I’m not a doctor nor am I a scientist so maybe I’m just thinking out of my butt here. I have a fear. I’m afraid of the virus mutating. Mutating into something much worse than it is now. Something that has a much higher mortality rate. Something that will kill almost everyone who catches it.

You may think I’m crazy. I can assure you I’m not but I will concede that my thoughts are derived from a very basic knowledge of viruses, which isn’t much. But here is what I do know. Covid 19 is caused by a coronavirus. There are many different types of coronavirus’s out there. Some do no harm. Others will give you a cold and some can make you very I’ll and some can kill.


We haven’t been able to cure the common cold. The common cold is caused by a different coronavirus than the one that causes covid-19 but the common cold has been around forever which proves it is a resilient little bug.

Viruses find ways to mutate. If you find a way to stop a virus it will most likely find a way to get around your defenses. Viruses adapt.

So here’s my fear. We have all these big pharma companies trying to come up with a vaccine. What if a vaccine created to stop the virus actually causes it to mutate into something much worse. You can’t tell me that’s not possible.

Also, we don’t have a vaccine for the common cold, another coronavirus, so what makes us think we can create one for covid-19. I don’t like that they are rushing and taking shortcuts to come up with a vaccine. It doesn’t smack me as safe.

My fears could be totally overblown and I sure as hell hope they are but whenever I turn on the news and I hear about vaccines I just get a bad feeling in my stomach. Normally vaccines take years and years to bring to the market. That’s because they are tested and tested over and over again and again to get approval. That ain’t happening on the chase for this vaccine..

So I sit here and ponder a couple things. First, is this how life is going to be forever. Having to wear masks. Limiting the number of people who can get together at any given time. Are we to stay under house arrest for the rest of our lives only to be able to go to work, the supermarket or pharmacy? Will we ever be able to go to a 4th if July barbeque with 50 people in attendance? Or maybe go to a concert, movie, sporting event or any kind of event?

The second thing is what I talked about. The virus mutating into something much worse leaving mankind to live in the world of the walking dead without the zombies? The total breakdown of society.

Yeah I know it sounds crazy but is it? I’ll leave that to your imaginations.