My Stumpity Stump Protector

So, I fell a couple weeks ago. Two weeks after the amputation. These things happen to people who are not used to the one legged life and sometimes even those who are. At any rate when I fell I landed on my stump. Not good.

Falling on my stump caused a small amount of damage, enough to prolong the stump healing time which in turn slows down the process of me getting a prosthetic leg. I want that prosthetic so bad. I want to walk again and maybe even tap dance. Not that I could before but maybe the prosthetic will change that.

So my doctor in his infinite wisdom and also probably his lack of faith in my ability to not fall again ordered a stump protector for me.

So a fine young gentleman, Max came over today and brought me a stump protector, showed me everything I need to know about wearing it and told me that nobody has ever had damage to their stump from falling wearing one of these. I guess I’ll have to take his word on that.

I have mixed feelings about this thing. It does provide protection for my stump, which is good but it keeps my leg almost perfectly straight. I can’t really bend my knee. Max told me that whenever I am out of bed I should be wearing this with the exception of doing my exercises and taking a shower. Problem is I like bending my knee from time to time. I feel like I have lost a little freedom with this thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll wear it but only because I want my stump to heal so I can get my prosthetic and I don’t want another fall to slow that down and as much as I think I won’t fall again I can’t guarantee that.

Now with that said, my bride Sharon is always worried about me falling. Just this morning she got all up in my face when I reset our modem. She got upset because she felt I could have fallen out of my wheel chair. That was never a concern to me but I’m glad she loves me.😁❤️ Between the protector and Sharon I should be okay.