Plotting my escape

I would like to think that I could stay here and get something out of it but I can’t.
The only reason I’m here is because going home would be difficult as I can’t traverse stairs right now. I need another leg to do so and I haven’t got my new leg yet.

But there may be hope. I was searching the web trying to find a way home. I may have done it. I came across a devise called an iwalk. It’s HSA/FSA approved. So I figure if it’s been approved by the Feds then it’s legit so I ordered one.
It’s suppose to arrive at my house tomorrow. My son will put it together and my wife will bring it to me when she visits on Saturday. I’m going to give a test run here at the rehab. Hopefully it works, if so then I am going to go home Monday or Tuesday. If not then I’ll return it. Say a prayer for me please. I really need to get out of here and go home.


One thought on “Plotting my escape

  1. You know you’ve got my prayers and just say the word for a car ride home. Love you 💜

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