Tribute to My Mom

I’m 60 and my mother went to heaven 36 years ago but I still miss her. She passed away because back then they didn’t screen blood like they do today and one of the pints of blood used in a bypass surgery had hepatitis in it. It took her life 5 years later. Shutting down vital organs due to the hepatitis and sepsis that had overtaken her body.

Due to her loss I turned heavily to booze to as they say drown my sorrows. It didn’t work as my sorrows learned how to swim. I eventually got my life back together but to this day I still think of and miss my mom. She was an amazing woman.

I grew up in a family of eight kids. Four boys and four girls. I was the second youngest. I have and had siblings older than me by enough years to have been my parent. Our household was always very active and I loved my brothers and sisters to death but my mom, well she amazed me. She could make everything alright in an instant no matter what the problem was. She in my eyes could perform miracles.

She was the glue that held our family together. Her words even if spoken ever so gently were the law in our home but it wasn’t just her words that made her so awesome. It was also the things she did that were truly amazing.

My Mom always put family first. She was the arbiter of any and all disagreements and it fights amongst my siblings and I. Her words were final but she always threw in that we were family. It was important to her and is important to me today because of her.

My mom was a miracle worker. She could make a feast from nothing and make a western omelette sandwich sound like we were about to dine at a five star restaurant. On Thanksgiving and Christmas she would cook so much food that we would still have leftovers even after all my brothers and sisters and their children came home to celebrate the holidays and the food was always hot. The only real rule she had was my dad got to fill his plate first.after that it was a free for all to grab what you liked. We acted as though there wasn’t enough to go around but there was always plenty.

My Mom in my mind could do anything. From cooking, cleaning, keeping peace in the house and solving any and all problems. A true hero in my eyes.

When she got near the end of her life, before she went to the hospital, I would come home after a night on the town with my buddies and my Mom and I would sit in the edge of her bed. She was in alot of pain at this point in her life due to injuries to her back. I also wonder now if the hepatitis which I didn’t know she had contributed to the pain. At any rate I would be holding her and we would rock gently back and forth and just talk about whatever. I would silently wish I could make her better, to take away the pain but I couldn’t and she would never complain about it.we would just sit, gently rock back and forth talking about whatever came to mind. It was during this time that I received some of the best council of my life.

Today I am confronted with having to deal with being an amputee and I think of my Mom often. Things she said to me back then resonate with me now and help me stay positive about my new life.

Even in death she is still helping me with words spoken long ago. To me, my Mom was much more than a mother.she was a saint, a miracle worker, loving parent, the best council, arbiter of all things, the glue that held our family together and the best damn cook on the planet.

So today, on Mother’s Day, I just want to acknowledge and say I love you and I miss you Mom. You may not be here physically but your presence is always felt and still guiding me, especially now with my amputation. Your words long ago help me keep my head up and keep a positive attitude towards a one legged life. Thank you!


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